Take the Squares (12/7)


A Video Tour of Cycles of Struggle:
The Battle for Tory HQ London (Lovepolice) Shot: November 10, 2010
Coalition of Resistance... (Counterfire/Ady Cousins) Shot: November 27, 2010

Tunisia: Mohamed Bouazizi’s suicide that sparked a revolution from December 17th, 2010

Cairo: Cairo Intifada (Jasmina Metwaly and Philip Rizk) Shot: January 28, 2011
Inside The Capitol, Day Four (Dan S. Wang) Shot: February 2011
We Are Wisconsin (Fin  Ryan) Shot: February 2011

Madrid: Libre te Quiero (Basilio Martin Patino) Shot: May 15, 2011 (see all videos here)
New York City: Gravity Hill Newsreel 5 Version 2 (Jem Cohen) Shot: October, 2011 
Chicago: This Is Our Home (Daniel Tucker) Shot: October 22, 2011

Coming Soon: Oakland: Occupied Port of Oakland (Occupy SF Media) - Shot: November 2, 2011
Coming Soon: Mexico City: Manifesto (Yosoy132) - Shot: May 11, 2012
Montreal: Red Square Revolt (Nate Lavey) Shot: May 22 through Summer 2012